Homer Blanky is a product created by childhood friends with dreams too big to be contained by a ball field.

Growing up in St.Paul, 8 childhood friends spent most of their days together playing sports, riding bikes, trading baseball cards and dreaming of one day making it big in sports or in business.

Homer Blanky was conceived during a trip to Minnesota’s newest open-air stadium in April. It was freezing cold and only half of the fans were dressed appropriately. A blanket was needed. Not just any blanket would suffice. The friends needed a blanket that would capture their love of the game, love for their state, but most of all love for their team. So, they started to brainstorm on just how exactly to accomplish this goal.

A friend and local designer was hired,  several samples of blankets were ordered and in the end, the perfect way to capture the friend’s love for Minnesota, the Twin Cities and its ball teams came together. Homer Blanky was born.


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